29 Tips For Staying Creative

Today as you may well be aware is February 29th so to celebrate this once in a blue moon every four years event we have put together a list of 29 Tips For Staying Creative!

I put out a call on Facebook and Twitter asking to see if anyone has got any tips and quite a few people chipped in which is great – if it’s not one of mine it’ll be credited to the person.

It can be hard to stay focused these day with all the distractions we have so hopefully these tips for staying creative will help in some way.

They’re in no particular order and what works for our readers may not work for you but it’s better to know them and not use them than need to use them and not need them! http://ctt.ec/XriEY

  1. “Make work that you would like to see yourself.” – @Designasaur <– Click To Tweet
  2. “Break the rules, get (lots of) feedback, drink lots of coffee.” – @Blazearts <– Click To Tweet
  3. “Discussing ideas with trusted creative people around you is the best way of developing said ideas” – Alan Livesey, Facebook
  4. “Travel! By that I don’t mean ambitiously mind-expanding, life-changing, round-the-world-adventures (although that would be welcome). I’ve found this helps – I’m partial to a day train-hopping with a rover ticket. Mid-week travel staring out of a train window and listening to the babble from passengers around me offers a clear mind and maybe some inspiration even. I’ll hop off somewhere I’ve never been before and go for a walk. See something new. Basically, it’s about upsetting your routine to snap your mind out of the ordinary in a manageable and affordable way and this might let other ideas filter in.” – Persis Peters, Facebook
  5. “Keep a notebook by your bed. Vivid dreams (cheese experiment) can give you ideas, eureka moments and great storyline.” – Karen Howarth, Facebook
  6. “Always start with something on your page – even random words. Find a prompt in a picture, a newspaper article, anything so long as you’re not starting with a blank white page.” – @Suzie42blog
  7. “Don’t worry about getting it right. Just get it down. Then edit edit edit.” – @Suzie42blog <– Click To Tweet
  8. “Disconnect yourself from the internet when writing to stop yourself getting distracted… advice I need to follow myself!” (Editor’s note: Make sure to do this AFTER reading the rest of the content on the website yeah?) – @Charlie_Jukes <– Click To Tweet
  9. “Stay inspired by looking at and learning from other people’s work. Having writer’s block? Read a novel. Trust me, it works!” – @ArtsyTeenBlog
  10. “Try your best not to tinker as you go. If you’re writing get it down on the page first in its entirety and then go back after a little break and chop it to pieces! If you’re making a film then film and import the clips, get them in the right order and then take a day before editing so make sure your mind is fresh!”
  11. “Creativity shows herself during those still moments where your heart and your mind are in unison; when you breathe clarity.” – @AuthorLuis
  12. “I like to shut the world out. I go to my room close the curtains and shut the door, then its me and my own world” – @Nick_Black92
  13. “If you’re staring at a blank screen in silence, put on some music, sometimes music can inspire you to write something – even if it’s just a stray lyric that catches your ear, turn that into something.”
  14. “Look at something creative other than your own chosen hobby. Writer? Look at some photography. Photographer? Watch a short film. Filmmaker? Read some creative writing.
  15. “Can’t find the time to write? Get up an hour earlier, or go to bed an hour later. Write on scraps of paper when waiting for the bus or in the doctors etc. I’ve only just started writing again but when I’m not with my girlfriend in usually playing video games so I’ve toned down the video game playing and actually turned it into a reward for example ‘write a thousand words then play games the rest of the night and not feel guilty'”
  16. “Make a start, using the smidgen of an idea you had.” – Jean McDonald, Facebook
  17. “Find your passion and embrace it. Passionately.” – @MarkDavidGerson
  18. “Don’t be afraid of feelings: use them to your best advantage, be it glee or despair. Create something from it, writing or art.” – @SMCADMAN
  19. “Allow yourself space – don’t fill all the small moments of the day with distractions & interactions. Observe, listen, & enjoy.” – @kimmwatt
  20. “Take breaks, if you’ve sat there for an hour – even if you’ve only written 500 words, go watch some TV, have a brew, do something. Just don’t forget to come back to it!
  21. “They say write what you know, and they say this for a reason, don’t write your life story over and over again, but if there’s a theme through your life why not start there? Had a bit of a shit childhood? Write about that. Always been the ‘lucky one’? Write about that. Even something as small as a joke that you found hilarious could make its way into your story.”
  22. “Don’t tell anyone you’re working on the next great novel/book/art installation. Except definitely do. It can be easy to tell your loved ones, or update your Facebook status with “Just started working on something massive!” and write blog posts about it, and you definitely should! But not right away. Work away at something for a while and make sure it’s going to stick. If you announce it in excitement and then it doesn’t come to fruition this guilt can cripple future creativity. Then, when you know this is definitely happening, shout about it far and wide and welcome the encouragement!”
  23. “Join a writers’ group – being around other like minded people can boost your creativity!” @JustWrite_PR1
  24. “Read! Read! Read! If you can’t think of anything to write about, read the work of others – it’s the best place to learn about writing.” @JustWrite_PR1
  25. “Story not working? Change the narrator, or the tense, or the starting point. If you’ve started it then there must be something there – don’t abandon… adapt!” @Suzie42blog
  26. “Go outside! Sometimes our creativity can be stifled by our surroundings. Go to a park, or a cafe or the coast. Take a pen and paper and don’t worry about looking daft! You’re never going to see these people again!!” @Suzie42blog
  27. “Try meditating. No seriously! If you can clear your mind of everyday thoughts and just be peaceful you’ll find that you creativity increases. Light a candle and empty your mind!” @JustWrite_PR1
  28. Use a dictionary and a thesaurus. Find words you don’t normally use in conversation. Increasing your vocabulary with interesting sounding words is an invaluable tool for a writer – especially poets!
  29. Do something outside of your normal creative field. If you’re a writer, try painting of cake decorating (ok eating). If you write horror, try poetry. Breaking your creative circle and allowing something else in, even if you’re comparatively rubbish at it, is often a way to get the juices flowing again!

Want to add to this list of 29 Tips For Staying Creative? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below!

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