Dropbox is a very useful tool that every creative should have in their toolbox. It’s truly invaluable and has been a life saver to me many times in the past!

Dropbox is a very useful tool that every creative should have in their toolbox. It’s truly invaluable and has been a life saver to me many times in the past!

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud storage service.

How much is it?

Dropbox is completely free (for 2GB’s of space)

Where do I get it?

You can sign up here!

As mentioned above Dropbox is free and you get 2GB’s worth of space to start with but you can earn 500 MB of free space if you recommend it to a friend and they sign up and install it. For example, I’ve never paid a penny and have 17GB of space in my Dropbox – hooray! The only downside is you can earn 16GB of free space, bringing the total amount of space you can have for free to 18GB – which is still a fair amount!

If you do require more space than you can of course pay, the Dropbox Pro package allows you to have 1TB of space which is mind boggling when you consider that most people only want to store documents in there.dropbox plans

If you are an extreme power user and are sharing videos back and forth then the pro option may be for you but if it’s just for documents and pictures than the free version should be more than enough, especially if you can get your friends to sign up too!

How it works is that once you sign up for it you can either upload and download files via the dashboard on the website, creating your own folder structure just how you would on your own computer to keep everything organised. The main way to use it though is via the well designed apps.

If you are using a PC or Mac you can download Dropbox to your computer and it sits there just like any other folder on your computer except every time you put a document in it it will upload itself to your account and that is now backed up. Now, if anything happens to your computer or you are out and about and need to access that all important file on any internet connected device you can just sign in to your dashboard and access everything!

Dropbox file structure

A green tick indicates it is successfully synced to your Dropbox account.

Also useful are the apps for your phone/tablet, I can only speak for the Android app at the moment (though I have used the iOS versions in the past) but they are really well designed and simple to use meaning you can call documents up on your phone/tablet whilst you are out and about!

The other great feature is document sharing – whether you are on the desktop, the website or the app you are a couple of clicks away from creating a URL that allows you to share individual files and whole folders that people can access via this link, and the other person doesn’t even need their own Dropbox account to view them!

Or if you want something to be shared permanently, say with a writing partner, you can invite another Dropbox user to share a certain folder with them and then anything you upload on your computer will download on theirs and will sync across both accounts.

So basically – everyone go and get Dropbox right this second, again you can sign up here for your free account!

Do you already use Dropbox? What do you like or dislike about it? Let us know in the comments!