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  1. Ah, this is the first time i found anybody reading or even just looking at what I do on my blog.
    I’m a little chilled at the thought that wanting to be READ has now been done. Oh, I don’t for a minute think it’s ALL been read, who has time to read when there is so much writing to be done.
    All in all, I like the lay out of your post/blog. I love the interaction you seem to have with others. Your writing is not completely self indulgent, or if if it is it’s not to a bad place.
    So, I am onto something else at the moment, trying to reconfigure my gigging book, just words and chords of songs I’ve written and am desirous to perform live again after shock therapy that I am 64 years old and don’t have what I had and am just trying to use what’s left to fill a tip jar.
    I’m honor’d you read/write and love the world of words and I am glad I never finish’d high school or went to college, I went on the road in ’64 with a soul band and live’d the Blues Brothers Movie as my own.
    I’ve run on, someday in the future you will realize all your dreams, may they not be nightmares.

    PS, i thank God for SpellCheck

  2. Hi Daniel,
    I am so happy and grateful you are following my Camp Sporaticus blog. Please check out my Camp Sporaticus Fan Page on Facebook as well as my Anything Theater blog
    I would really like for you to follow and respond with comments and even share some of your work with me on Anything Theater. I’m seeking Master Minds this Month and intend to get a Master Mind group together, so we can share and exhibit our talents and projects. I don’t know if you’re on Facebook, but if so, please connect. TC Newell

    • Hi, thanks for you comment (: I will definitely check out Anything Theater, I’ll add it to my bookmarks (:

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